Dinner Menu Summer 2021

Starters:    “Mighty Fine” Onion Rings       Brunswick Stew or French Onion Soup       

                    Conch Fritters, Calamari, Fried or Broiled Shrimp, Oysters or Scallops Blue Crab Au Gratin or Newburg,      

                    Shrimp, Oyster Cocktail* 

Seafood: Served Fried or Broiled                                   .

                Shrimp*    Oysters*        Scallops*    Catch of the Day*     Combo Platter*    

                 Snow-Crab Legs $MKT         Crab Newberg/Au Gratin       

                Grilled Tuna*     Grilled  Salmon*    Surf & Turf Kabobs* 

Steaks:    Cooked Over a Wood Fired Grill   (XL cuts available upon request)  

                T-bone*    NY Strip*    Filet*    Ribeye*    Cowboy*        

                Pork Chops*      Lamb Chops*     Top Sirloin*      

Chicken: Southern Fried          Grilled           

Spaghetti  & Pasta: (Meat Sauce or Marinara)     House-made Lasagna        

Sides & Veggies:    Mixed Collard Greens, Black-Eye Peas, Butter or Green Beans, Sherrie Mushrooms, Veggie Medley, Sweet Potato, Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy,                                            Fries, Fried Okra, Mac & Cheese, Small Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce or Marinara….

Supper is served with our traditional, marinated House Salad, Rolls & Potato (fried, mashed or baked)    

Homemade Deserts: All are available ala mode!   Pecan Pie, Derby Pie, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie,  Bread Pudding, Peach Cobbler, Brownie Sundae

(We also have plain Cheesecake, but it’s from the store)  

...AND THE MUST TRY historic, world famous & delicious “RACCOON”  !!!   

             *consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.